Scary Costumes for Men

Scary costumes are designed for men who like to take the spotlight, and nobody loves to give a good scare like a man! Many men are known for their jovial personalities and prank attempts. A frightening prank is never complete without the use of a scary costume.

Scary movie costumes are easily recognized characters, whether serial killers, vampires, or warlords. Scary costumes for men keep the guys impressed and the women on edge.

Scary Movie Costumes
300 Scary Movie Costume

Scary costume ideas for men include everything from ghostly gentlemen to gothic vampires. Scary movie costumes offer huge selections of evil characters to disguise as for Halloween or any other costume occasion. From Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees to Jack Skellington and Edward Cullen, dark costumes are at the top of the costume list for men.

Freddy Scary Costume
Freddy Krueger Scary Costume

Dressing as a mad monk or mystic sorcerer shows a mysterious scary side, one that is hidden but strong. Vampire costumes are scary and seductive, offering a dark and sexy attractiveness through rich colors and secret fantasies. Women love to feel sought after, desired as only a vampire is said to do. Dressing as a vampire is attractive and scary, tantalizing to a woman. Edward Cullen's appeal comes from his hidden thoughts, not from his fangs. When choosing to dress as a vampire or mystical sorcerer, play it up and make the decision to buy the best in costume design - never settle for cheap material when creating a vision of seduction!

Mystic Sorcerer Scary Costume
Mystic Sorcerer Scary Costume

Punk creep costumes and cryptic rocker costumes are designed to differentiate between seductive and "bad ass". Accessorize accordingly with guitars, wigs, bloody makeup, and torn sneakers. Punks and rockers are haled for their ability to still attract beautiful hotties, so allow your girl to dress as sexy as she pleases - no matter what costume she chooses you will still make a great scary couple. Choose to dress as former couple Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowen and you have a winning adult scary costume idea, regardless of how your Rose chooses to dress! A cryptic rocker's girl is always scary because you know she is never as nice behind closed doors. Just peek in the window she left open!

Cryptic Rocker Scary Costume
Cryptic Rocker Scary Costume

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